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Stone Carving Workshops

Sculpture in Stone Carving 3+ days with Simon Keeley

Sculpture in Stone Carving 3+ days with Simon Keeley

9.30am – 4.00pm a 3 day course plus Thursday evening 2 hours
£330 inc a tasty Aga lunch & home baking each day
Material Charges : £20-£30 depending on the stone used.

Design and Carve your own 3D abstract or traditional stone sculpture with Simon Keeley on this 3+ day course.

This is a 3 day Stone Sculpture workshop with Simon Keeley,  ideal for beginners as well as those with some experience. It provides an invigorating slice of fresh air and 'downtime' in which to lose oneself whilst learning from this 'master' of stone carving. Starting late Thursday afternoon - choose your slot between 4.30pm & 7pm to 9pm - with Simon leading you through the process of drawing and then creating a 'maquette' (a clay model) of your chosen subject.

The following morning Simon will demonstrate the stone carving process. Over the next three full days working under his watchful eye, you will be guided through the basics of  sculpture in stone carving, working in three dimensions,  using calipers and scaling up or down, the various chisels and tools and methods to sculpting your design in stone.  Students may work outside in their own space if the weather is dry or together under cover if wet. Various old barn spaces are available - unheated spaces out of the weather. You will keep warm as you will generate plenty of heat. With luck the sun will be out and everyone will be outside enjoying the garden and summer's heat.

Please think about your carving over the coming months to discuss your ideas with Simon. You can bring along any inspiration materials.Taking place in the environs of the Cycle Cafe Tea garden, the course provides both absorption, relaxation and fresh air.  Ideal for anyone with enthusiasm and a little patience.

 Other dates for this course - see the table below to book:

  Fri 17th to Sun 19th  2019   The course begins Thursday evening for a short 2 hours session over coffee planning your  design and producing a clay model

Typically this course runs with around 6-8 students. There will be an additional materials charge depending on stone used. The stone prices vary between £20-30 depending on size.

Please bring:  You will be asked to bring an old sheet with you in the event you choose to work outside to gather your chippings as you work . All stone carving equipment is provided and the expertise from Simon and his apprentice. If you have your own safety goggles bring them along.Wear comfortable loose clothes, preferably layered so you may peel off as necessary.

About the Artist

Simon Keeley is a Multi-Award winning Stone Carver with vast experience and skill. He is continuing his family link to stone carving, which was inspired by Lincoln Cathedral. His first training was as a Stone Mason at York college and later working as a Stone Mason for Bowman and Sons in Stamford, Lincolnshire. He went on to train as a Stone Carver at the London City and Guilds Art School, dealing predominantly with historical/ornament carving.

Workshop Date Book
Fri 17th May 2019 10:00 am
We are no longer accepting registration for this workshop
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