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Learn to Spin Cumbria workshop

'From Fleece to Spin to Skein' with Susan Denham-Smith

'From Fleece to Spin to Skein'  with Susan Denham-Smith

9.30am – 4.30pm
£95 inc. tasty Lunch / home baking.
Material Charges - £10



Join Susan Denham-Smith of 'Wild Wool Workshops' in one of the studios for a 'Hands On' day learning the techniques & processes in turning raw fleece into a useable skein of yarn (wool) using traditional Spinning Wheels and Drop Spindles!

This promises to be a fascinating day learning how to process wool from the raw fleece. You will discover the parts and functions of a spinning wheel, how to thread, adjust and maintain it. How to spin fibre to create yarn, using both a drop spindle and a treadle spinning wheel, and how to finish the yarn into a skein for use in your own projects.

During the first coffee and biscuits,  Susan will begin to tell you  ... 

Why Do we Spin? Hand spun yarns, twists, drafting fibre and creating a basic yarn using a drop spindle (Park and draft)

 Getting to know your wheel! History of spinning wheels, parts of the wheel & how they work, about treading, and different wheel types.

Fibres and Sheep ...the amazing properties of wool, wool breeds and what this means for different spinning styles including Staple length

Preparation of Wool for Spinning  Washing – to wash or not to wash!  Preparing, Hand Carding, Drum Carding, Hand Combing and Drafting Fibre

Spinning with the Wheel  Don’t worry,  it won’t take us all day to get to this the exciting spinning part, but the above info and preparing the wool well, just like DIY, is vital for successful spinning!  Threading your wheel, tension, drafting and holding the fibre, treading, your drafting triangle,  the mysterious 'Z and S', and “Pinch, Pull, Slide”!

Plying   Plying with 2 strands of your own spun wool, using a Lazy Kate, using a Niddy noddy (!), and finally, finishing the yarn!

In short, a really comprehensive day workshop learning, from an expert, all aspects of Home Spinning - 'from Fleece, to Spin, to Skein'!



Dates for this course - see the table below to book:

 Friday 5th April 2024

Typically this course runs with around 5-6 students. Ideal for beginners. 

Please bring:  Everything is provided by the tutor, please bring your £10 to cover tutor costs in preparing/coming to Greystoke to deliver your day. 

About the Artist  Your Tutor Susan Denham-Smith has worked with wool all her life and specialises in Spinning, weaving and crafting at her Studio in the Wild Wool Workshop in Ennerdale.

Workshop Details

Workshop Date Sun 2nd April 2023 9:20 am
Available places 1
Individual Price £95.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this workshop