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TWO new spaces on Blacksmith for a Day Sun 6th October
£70 off final places of Pip Hall's Letter & Relief Carving in Stone late September

Needle Felt a Hare with Annis McGowan (£15 deposit)

Needle Felt a Hare with Annis McGowan (£15 deposit)

9.30am – 5.30-6pm
£75 incl lovely 2 course Aga Lunch and home baking (£15 deposit)
Material Charges £18

Create your own gorgeous needle felted Hare using Herdwick blended wool, with Annis McGowan

To create such an impressively detailed and large Hare in just one day is quite a task! A lot of carefully prepared and detailed instructions are shared and demonstrated to the whole group in stages by Annis. Therefore it's not possible to accommodate people needing to leave early or for a deadline as the class is methodically taught as a whole group, step by step. Please do bear this in mind if you have other engagements that evening or a lift organised - you may be late! .

Make a lovely sitting brown Hare of approx 34 cm high plus the ears . You can decide on your own pose with either with ears up or wistfully  "moongazing" with ears back. We will be using natural brown wools and all materials and tools are provided.  Quite often students are so pleased with their newly felted creations that they are carefully placed to be admired on tables and shelves!

A full day workshop ideal for beginners or those with experience learning inspiring needle felting techniques. Needle felting is the locking the wool fibres together through repeat stabbing with barbed needles,  it sounds complicated but can easily be learned and some beautiful pieces can be created in this way.

 Other dates for this course - see the table below to book:

Fri 1st March 2019 ~ Monday 27 May ~ Sun 23 June ~ Sat 10 August ~ Sat 31 August ~  Friday 29 November 2019

We are unable to take full payment for this course online, therefore please use the link below to reserve your place using £15 as a deposit and Annis will contact you regarding the balance payment, thank you.

Kindly note there will be a materials charge payable directly to the tutor on the day of approx £18. Typically this course runs with around 11 students. Suitable for Beginners.

Please bring:

Health and safety-   Many needles are used within this course so injury may occur.If you are allegic to plaster please bring your to prevent spoiling your piece.  Annis provides a few hypo-allergic plasters but you may need more.

About the Artist  Annis has always enjoyed being creative; she was introduced to working with wool at an early age. However, her discovery of needle felting some years ago captured her imagination and enthusiasm, which led to her designing her own 3D sculptures. Her work can now be found in galleries around the Lake District. She thoroughly enjoys the experience teaching at her workshops and meeting so many creative people whilst introducing them to the craft - many of whom find it very therapeutic as well as interesting.  Annis became known for her own design of her Herdwick sheep doorstop, and they have since become very popular subjects for the workshops, as well as the hare sculptures and owls. Annis will teach you her own  methods of creation & at the end of the course you will leave with something you can be proud of (there are some fantastic results), as well as the desire to continue the wonderful art of needle felting.


Workshop Date Book
Fri 29th November 2019 9:30 am
Quirky Workshops, Cumbria