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We often have cancellations, add new courses /dates to the existing Quirky Programme. As soon as they are added they will also be listed here above the Complete Programme list.

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TWO new spaces on Blacksmith for a Day Sun 6th October
£70 off final places of Pip Hall's Letter & Relief Carving in Stone late September

Discovering Pen and Wash with Margaret Jarvis

Discovering Pen and Wash with Margaret Jarvis

9.30am – 4.30pm
£68 Lunch included
Material Charges may include a few pounds for specialist paper.

Join Margaret Jarvis for the day and learn the various intricacies of painting in Pen and Wash

This medium can also be known as 'Watercolour & Ink'.
This day will touch on colour mixing and using watercolours and it combines the subtle variable nature of the watercolour wash with finer detail picked out in black ink pen, allowing the artist different effects in shading and textures. The type of ink pens used - its water solubility and also stippling intensity and textures employed create a vast range of effects




Other dates for this course - see the table below to book:

  Sun 17 March ~ Sat 22nd June ~ Wed 2nd October ~ Tue 3rd Dec 2019  (Discovering Pen & Wash and Christmas Cards)

  Also 'Beyond Beginners'  Pen and Wash on Sat 24 August , please see separate entry

Typically this course runs with around 9 students. There may be an additional charge of a few pounds for specialist paper if you require a lot.

Please bring: Margaret will provide all materials for the day, however if you wish to bring your own painting equipment please feel free to do so.


About the Artist This lovely local artist has been teaching beginners classes since the first Quirky Workshops at Greystoke in 2006. Experienced artists frequently venture onto Margaret's courses and leave saying they've learned a great deal - she has many hints and tips to share.

Workshop Date Book
Tue 3rd December 2019 9:30 am
Quirky Workshops, Cumbria