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We often add new courses or new dates to the existing Quirky Programme. As soon as they are added they will also be listed here above the Complete Programme list. This will help you make sure you don't miss anything new coming up.

NEW date : Herdwick Doorstop in Needle felt with Annis Fri 30 Aug  (£15 deposit) 
NEW date : A Hare in Needle felt  with Annis Sat 31 Aug (£15 deposit)
New course : Mosaics ...'Two hearts better than One' with Julie Gibson   Sat 29 June  or Wed 6 Nov 2019
New date : Pottery Green Man  Thu 1 August
New date :  Make a Rush Basket ..Wed 29 May
New date :  Make a Leather Bag .. Sun 30 June
New date :  Make a Rush Hat   ....Wed 26 June
Quirky Workshops, Cumbria