How to Draw with Lyn Evans

How to Draw with Lyn Evans

10am – 4pm
£75 Lunch included
Material Charges : tbc

How to Draw with Lyn Evans

Drawing is basically quite put down what you see and the trick is to use all the tools at your disposal to make it easier.

You don't need a lot to start. Few pencils, bits of charcoal and  a cheap sketch book.  Maybe a little bottle of ink and some sharp sticks or pens. The odd biro. Nothing too expensive, mainly it's lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to practice.

Drawing well is terribly important. Lots of people trace from photos, and that’s fine, but I feel strongly that to produce a lovely drawing, especially a drawing as a start to a painting,

we have to do it ourselves. From start to finish.

I would start the day with some examples of drawing with a pencil, different effects etc. A bit of perspective and tone. Then I would set them off drawing from a photo of a simple landscape. After lunch we can try using charcoal and inks. Experimenting with different kinds of line and effects.  I will bring in and we can gather some source material for this.

The day should cover the use of line, tonal value and perspective. The drawing I mostly produce for myself are the ground map for work done in the studio.

They also serve to illustrate how important it is to draw.

  Dates for this course - see the table below to book:

  Sun 4 August 2019

Typically this course runs with around 9 students. Suitable for all abilities including beginners.

Please bring: Lyn will have source materials and some materials available . There may be a small fee payable to Lyn on the day for materials used.

 About the Artist  I have painted throughout most of my life, from my years at Sunderland Art College to the present day,  I’m inspired mostly by the more unusual colours of nature. The early morning or late evening light, particularly during the Autumn months, is a favourite. I paint in oil, pastel and watercolours, each one bringing a different quality to the work.  So often it is the subject that will dictate the medium used.  Pastel is unsurpassed for colour and texture while oils excel in quality and the ability to move or blend.

Watercolour, with its more delicate character, is ideal for the beautiful misty days that we have in plenty in Cumbria.I paint everything and anything but landscape is my first love.So the countryside in which I live and the quality of light enjoy are present in all my work. My influences are Chien Chung Wei, the Taiwanese watercolourist, Iain Stewart, the Scottish watercolourist  (both of whom I have painted with) and  Casey Klahn the American pastelist.  

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