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Botanical Illustration Workshops with Simon Williams SBA

Botanical Illustration in Watercolours/ Gouache 1 to 2 days with Simon Williams SBA

Botanical Illustration in Watercolours/ Gouache 1 to 2 days with Simon Williams SBA

9.30am – 4.00pm
£82 fresh coffees/ tasty Lunch included

Material Charges :  A few £'s for paper if you use Simon's


A masterclass with Simon Williams SBA on Botanical Illustration using Watercolours and Gouache paints.

We are delighted  that Simon is visiting Greystoke for two days in early July 2022,  and students are welcome to book just one, or both days, to suit.  Simon specialises in Watercolour and Gouache techniques for boanical and natural history illustration.  Some previous watercolour experience is recommended.  Simon will provide much live plant material, and the garden at Greystoke will have plenty to offer. Otherwise, please bring along anything you particularly wish to paint.

Although the day is titled Botanical, Simon is happy to teach Wildlife illustration aswell, as long as students bring their own reference material for the day.  He will only be providing resources relating to Botanical Illustration.

You will all learn to look and observe details, mix colour and master application techniques. Whichever your chosen medium you will learn to use a dry brush technique to render detail and texture to your painting.   Colour swatches are also important and you will make colour notes etc to keep as future reference.

The mixing of dark colour in particular in order to create convincing shadows often leaves students perplexed, so through demonstration and individual tuition Simon shows how an understanding of colour relationships can provide the key to confident colour mixing and the painting of convincing three dimensional images.

Other dates for this course - see the table below to book:

Wednesday 6th July and Thursday 7th July 2022

Typically this course runs with around 9-10 students. Some watercolour experience is recommended.

Please bring: Any plant materials or photos of potential subject matter. Simon himself brings several specimins himself, we can pick flowers from the Craft Garden or feel free to bring any particular flower you wish.  Please contact us for early sight of Simon's materials list

About the Artist  A highly accomplished artist and teacher in both botanical and wildlife illustration Simon is now director of the SBA Distance Learning Programme. He trained as a Natural History Illustrator at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth and has published his own books. He has attained Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society and Certificate’s of Botanical Merit from the Society of Botanical Artist.

Workshop Date Individual Price Available places Book
Wed 6th July 2022 9:30 am 82.00 2
Thu 7th July 2022 9:30 am 82.00 3

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price Available places
Single Table

Booking for a one person table

£82.00 4
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