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Wire Sculpture Hens

Wire Sculptures ~ 'Hens' with Sue Nichols

Wire Sculptures ~ 'Hens' with Sue Nichols

9.30am – 4pm
£90 Lunch included
Material Charges £12

Sculpt a life size chicken wire Hen for your Garden with Susan Nichols.

Every so often in August, Sue travels from the furthest reaches of East Yorkshire to the Lake District to teach those west of the Pennines how to make her fabulous wire sculptures using her special pre-prepared sectioned galvanised chicken wire. Amazingly life like, solid and sturdy, these sculptures will last for years -they'll need 'neither food nor vet' , won't trash your garden and if you're lucky might even lay an egg!  They can be sprayed with coloured car paint (ie from Halfords)  or left as a lovely faded silver to last for years. 

If the weather is fine we'll try to work in the garden, otherwise the course may take place up a flight of stairs in our new craft room.

PLEASE NOTE: Working with wire is tiring on the hands.  Our wire courses are NOT recommended for anyone suffering from tiredness, muscle fatigue or arthritis of any form.


Dates for this course - see the table below to book:

Wire Hens Friday 7th August             (Also Wire Geese Thurs 6th August and Wire Owls Sat 8 Aug 2020....please see separate course entires)

Typically this course runs with around 10 students. Kindly note material charges payable to the tutor on the day are dependent upon wire prices at the time. Hens are £12 per bird .

Please bring: Susan brings the wire pre-cut and sectioned - in 'ready to use' pieces.  Please remember to bring some flexible gardening gloves, some needle nosed pliers and a strong apron for your lap. Susan also has some pliers to borrow on the day.

 About the Artist Susan Nichols is one of the original Wire garden Sculptures artists in the north of the country and has been running her amazing wire garden sculptures courses for the past nine years - the results of the students work that attend her workshops are second to none and she constantly ensures through the day that her students remain ' on track' with their sculptures-. She has taught at Harlow Carr and many other prestigious venues as well as and still from her own studios in East Yorkshire.

Workshop Date Individual Price Available places Book
Fri 7th August 2020 9:30 am £90.00 0
Quirky Workshops, Cumbria